Intramurals 2015

It wasn’t really in my fondness to join any beauty pageants (unless if I’m given a ticket to fly to Korea or a 100 grade in all of my subjects) but like do I have any choice? Well, I did but I chose not to oppose.

September 3, 2015 marks the day of our KNHS Intramurals 2015. It was fun and pretty exciting but I didn’t have time to feel those emotions. I was nervously crying on the inside because I had to ramp in the stage like a beauty – that is totally outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t have any time to enjoy the activities in the morning. I practiced and practiced till my mind exploded jk.

10:00 AM – my co-beauty pageant contestant slash schoolmate went with me to the parlor to do our make-over in which is honestly my most despised thing in the world. It was pretty good when the “x-men” did my friends’ make-up but when he/she did mine, I was totally bursting on the inside. I just looked like a wicked antagonist witch with my black eye shadow and dark red lipstick plus I looked like a white lady with my overly powdered face. So, all this summed up with a white wicked witch lady look.

1:00 – The program started. I was really nervous on the back stage but I don’t know who the God’s possessed me when I didn’t even feel a single tenseness when I presented on stage. I just smiled and posed and smiled and rolled. Yep, I rolled. It was during the sports attire and I chose combat shooting. I posed on the far left side of the corner and rolled till I reached the center and stood up, regaining my posture. Nobody even knew how my back ached at that time because of the combat-belt (I don’t know what that was called. So kbye~) I wore.

Then the minor awards were given. I was surprised to be awarded by Best in Ethnic and Best in Sports Attire. I didn’t expect it to happen since they all had good attires but oh well, it was the judges’ choice.

The top five were then called and again, I was surprised. I don’t know how many times I thanked God that time because of what happened. Honestly, all I thought about is that at least I’ve been placed in the first five and if ever I’ll be placed fifth, I’m contented with it.

It was time for the Q & A and I was totally nervous that time (literally). The scores were back to zero and no one would care about the previous scores anymore. So, I picked the envelope with a number two on it. I don’t know I just feel like it. It just had this big impact on me. And luckily, the question was, “As a student, what is success for you?”

“For me, as a student, success is when you find something you want or want to do and you make it happen. If you fail, you are still successful as long as you know you tried your best and did whatever it takes to get there. Even if you didn’t fully succeed, success is getting everything you want or need in life by working your hardest and trying your best,” I answered.

And that was it, my winning answer. I was awarded *drum rolls* as the Ms. Intramurals 2015! *cries sheets of papers from trees* I wasn’t expecting it because all the other girls were doing great and they didn’t look like a white wicked witch. I smiled and bursted with happiness. This victory is for all the people who supported me and for my family, friends and relatives. Of course, my greatest thanks would be to God for giving me confidence and wisdom the whole time I walk on stage. The pageant was not that bad at all. But still, my make-up’s still bad :/



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