10 years from now

I was awaken by the noisy raindrops splattering by the window. I jumped off of bed and looked at my phone. It’s 4am and my birthday! Though, I have no special plans for today. I quickly went downstairs to cook for my breakfast. I did my daily rituals and rummaged on my things to be used for today. I hailed a cab on the way to the hospital since we will be having a study about the actual heart of a human. I am currently taking on Bachelor of Arts in Anatomy and Human Biology and I’m very happy with it. I got off the cab and directly went to the room where the study will take place. I badly want to be a cardiologist and hopefully I can graduate 3 years from now to reach my dream. It almost took us an hour or two to study the heart of the human. It was pretty scary but amusing at the same time. We also examined on the deceased bodies of a human from the thickest to the thinnest blood vessels. It was really fulfilling and exciting!

As soon as the clock struck twelve, I asked permission from our professor if he would allow me to leave early and thank fully he did. I was already holding my famished stomach since earlier. I hastily ride my way to Ayala and entered Candy’s café to grab some food to eat. I ordered Panfried Chunky Potato, Parsley and Onion, paired with a fresh mixed juice. My starving stomach finally got tamed.

I went back to the hospital after finishing my lunch and continue with the study. I was about to enter the room when someone suddenly blocked my way. I raised my head to see who it is when I saw my sister standing right in front of me. I jolted in surprise. I haven’t seen her for a month now and I certainly miss her. We exchanged hugs. She asked me if I could ask for an excuse just for this day so we both went to see my professor to ask for consent and again, he allowed me to. Such a kind professor he is. After we got out of the hospital, she took me to Al Fresco with myself wondering, “why did she bring me here?” and then there I saw my answer. My family and friends were all greeting me a happy birthday. The place was fixed with balloons and the walls were covered with my favorite powder blue paint. It was surreal. I never would’ve expected this to happen. I beamed widely and greeted all the guests with a smile plastered on my face. But what made me smile the most is when I saw mom and dad together walking towards me. I thought it was just a dream but it wasn’t. Then I started bursting into tears. This is the very first time I saw them together since they got separated. I was just happy seeing them befriend each other. I hugged them both and cried my heart out. The party went on gleefully. My friends and relatives enjoyed so far and so did I.

At 9 pm, the guests slowly started to leave. Again, I thanked my parents for this surprise birthday bash. Words can’t explain how much happy I am. Not because of the grand celebration but because for this 25th year-celebration of my existence, I saw my mom and dad happily getting along together. They may not be back together again but I’m already contented seeing them as friends. For me, this is the best birthday gift I have received.

This was my write-up during our oral recitation in which I got a score of 60/60 *claps gleefully*. I wasn’t least expecting it to happen though but I’m “evidently” happy about the result. So much for being so imaginative… Here’s my English teacher’s comment about my work:





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