Men in White, Our Saviors in Plight

Life is short.

This statement always remind us of eating a noodle – it gets shorter after every bite.  But is there a chance of having an extended life? Even in just for a matter of days or months. Is there any way we can make a noodle longer? If only we could just add seconds, minutes, hours and years to our lives. Would there be a way?

In our lives, we never know when our strings will be cut off. Specifically, we will never know when accidents occur or diseases strike. It’s like us trying to walk on a hanging bridge, unsure of what lies ahead of us. One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for it. But on the bright side, extending the strings is already made possible.  Kudos to this massive army of men battling life and death situations – the Philippine Medical Association.

And ever since I was a child, I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor.  MD – Hmmm… I would love to end my name with that word. I would love to hear people calling my name with “doc” before my first name. It’s just… music to my ears. I would evidently show the world how proud I am with pride if that happens. I really want to help people. I want to act as their noodle extender. Fame? Fortune? None of it matters. I don’t care if it’s difficult or if it takes five years longer to achieve a medicine degree, all I care about is helping a lot of people.

At the time of needs, we can surely rely on their 100% presence, bringing with them their myriad of weapons, ready to slash the hurt and pain a person is feeling. Their lives are like a battlefield. And battling with lives is their forte. We will never know what it feels to be them until we are already in one of their shoes. But maybe it would be a mixture of fright, suspense and excitement. They hold large responsibilities. And they always come in handy and will always be.

This association aims to provide and promote quality health care for the citizens in the country and improve service with continuous knowledge and research. They have a fellowship of physicians united in the common goal of acquiring the highest and advanced levels of medical services, forming a good army of the greatest physicians walking in the hospital like every day is a battlefield.

You can say they are the dough extending the length of a noodle. It may sound preposterous but it’s possible. As a group, their continuous service for the casualties had been serving the country effectively and efficiently for many years. They launched several activities and programs to accomplish their primary mission to help the nation, along with those missions are the benefits an individual can get from their service. They are not just an association of doctors or nurses or hospitals. They are an association with an army of great men. And they are the men in white.


My feature article is finally finished! *sighs a bag of relief* A big thanks to ma’am Tisay Lanzaderas for being such a good mentor. I had lots of typo before though – oh wait, not just typo, errors! Lots of errors. But because of ma’am’s numerous corrections and edits (literally) I just made my feature article happen. A scoop of hardwork + imagination + perseverance = good product. Trust me, this formula is totally effective 😉



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